Using Foam Gelatin Prosthetics

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All of you working within the Industry have already come to know Foam Gelatin prosthetics as “the poor man’s silicone” prosthetic..

These prosthetic have the feel and coloring of human flesh and are the absolute perfect high grade prosthetic to use for a completely realistic makeup with a more modest budget.

The FX Studio has long prided itself on our incredible foam gelatin prosthetics. We control the making of our prosthetics from design, to a sculpture with extreme anatomical detail, to molding, to creating a prosthetic with feather edge flashing. This process ensures that every single foam gelatin prosthetic ordered from our FX Store will be anatomically correct and of the highest quality possible for your design and application.


Helping Professional Special Effects Makeup Artists to create realistic makeups and props for Film and Television since 2010!

Special Effects Makeup

The FX Studio offers a full range of special effects makeup. From concept designs straight through to on-set applications, we can help you bring your vision to life!

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Realistic Movie Props

The FX Studio works in both soft and hard props. From full cadavers and body parts, to stunt weaponry and beyond. If you can imagine it, we can create it!

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The FX Studio is known in the Entertainment Industry for creating prosthetics with extreme anatomical detail and incredible movement for the actor! We can bring your next character to life!

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